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    Protect Your Home & Family



    Smart Home Security

    We provide a wide array of some of the most sophisticated security products including professional installation.


    Water Purification Systems

    Taking the invisible pollution out of your water, keeping your family safe and healthy.



    Smart Door Locks, TV Modules, Appliance Modules, Sound Systems, Thermostat Control and Voice Control. Manage your home environment from your smartphone.


    Energy Management

    Manage your energy right from your smartphone.



    Allowing you to own your power instead of renting it. Invest in one of our residential solar systems today. Save money from day one and go green.


    DIT (Do-It-Together)

    Same great smart home technology but easily customizable. Installed by you with our virtual assistant team.



    Smart Wi-Fi Cameras, Two Way Voice, Voice over IP, CCTV.


    About Smart Home USA

    We provide a wide array of the most sophisticated security products including professional installation.

    Smart Home USA is America's smart choice for home security and home automation integration. With over 30 years of experience in the smart home security & automation industry, you can be confident that our team of experts will assist you in designing the best system for your home. We offer professional installations and DIT (Do-It-Together) installations.

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